The Warrior Kings WK2 Album Cover

The Warrior Kings | WK2

Band :
Title : WK2
Format : Digital Download



For far too long, rock music has been bland & boring. Many bands have chosen to play by the rules & create music that all sounds the same. A lot of bands are afraid to go back into the past & celebrate where great Rock N Roll came from. Not The Warrior Kings!!! Unwavering in their love of the blues & hard rock, this band is out to redefine what great Rock music is about. Fusing elements of blues,rock,& hard rock is the core of their sound. Celebrating the great British bands like Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath & The Rolling Stones is part of their DNA. They want to create a fresh sound by actually looking back & writing songs that celebrate when rock was great. The band realizes that Rock music is suffering from an identity crisis- not enough musicians want to admit that Rock never was better than when musicians could freely improvise & write songs that let their musicianship shine. The three & a half minute song is NOT what it’s about!! It’s about creating a mood, a soundscape in which the listener can enter into with the band & escape their worries for awhile!! This is that kind of band.This is that kind of music. Put on the headphones & prepare yourself- The Warrior Kings want to take you on a thrill ride of epic proportions. Prepare yourself & get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!